Ryan F. Biese, Pastor

Dear CSF Board, I want to personally thank you for your support of Ruling Elder Bebo Elkin’s labors to assist and advise churches, sessions, pastors, and elders. When I first met Bebo, it was at an 8 a.m. Monday morning class at RTS Jackson. He was teaching “Introduction to Ministry,” and I thought “what can this glorified youth director possibly know about real ministry?!” I very quickly learned the folly of that sentiment and [...]

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Rev John D Wagner — Interim Pastor

Dear Bebo, I am writing to express my appreciation for your all your help and support over the last year following my departure from the local church where I had been serving as Senior Minister. As you know, this departure was not something I was expecting and I had little knowledge on what to do next, or how this could affect my future career in the ministry.   In your position as Chairman of the [...]

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Andy Watts

Back in January of this year, I began the search for a new call in ministry. At that time I was working at a PCA church plant in Trussville, AL. Because of the lack of funds it became necessary for me to search for a new call. I reached out to many mentors and friends to let them know about my search. In February I reached out to Bebo at the suggestion of a [...]

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