A Message from the Chairman

During my years as chief development officer and chief operations officer at Reformed Theological Seminary and serving on the Mississippi Joint Committee for RUF, I saw a real need, particularly among church pastoral search committees, pastors ready for a call and seminary students.  That need called for knowledgeable assistance in seeking the right person as a fit for a particular staff need.

To that end, several years ago, the appropriate timing and availability of that knowledgeable assistance and the initial resources to support the work came together and Consulting Services Foundation was established.  Several teaching and ruling elders of the PCA came together to form the board of directors and the very able ruling elder Bebo Elkin was put to work as executive director.  In the meantime, another knowledgeable and able board member, teaching elder Wayne Herring, has stepped up as a working board member.

CONSULTING SERVICES FOUNDATION offers experienced, knowledgeable and well connected consulting services free of charge.  I might add, the services available through CSF may cost a great deal of money from other sources or, on the other hand, money is not available to pay for the services needed but can be rendered by Consulting Services Foundation, a ministry to The Church of The Lord Jesus Christ.

Bob Bailey
Ruling Elder, FPC Yazoo City
Reformed Theological Seminary (retired)

Consulting Services Foundation  |  P.O. Box 4238  |  Jackson, MS  39296  |  800.777.41234